Hiab. 1 Day Refresher

This course will enable an operator with crane experience to progress through the course and on successfully passing the tests re-qualify them as a remote lorry mounted crane operator certified by the examiner. The course involves both practical and theory training. They will receive training on the Safe Working Practices applicable to crane operations and sufficient practical training to ensure the operator is conversant and comfortable with the operating of the machines in a work environment.

We deliver this training at your premises and can use different lifting tackle including slings, chains and shackles to lift and position the various loads available. The emphasis of assessing the load and the factors involved with a safe lift are highlighted and practiced on a wide and varied selection of loads. These loads can include 1000ltr liquid containers both empty and 1/2 full, this demonstrates the effect of a surging loads on stability and control. Truck axles with only one wheel fitted to demonstrate the importance of correctly positioned lifting chains. Other loads include bags of sand, pipes and the most challenging of all, the lifting of a cement drum taken from a cement mixer lorry. We also cover the positioning and securing of the load on the vehicle.

We encourage the trainees to assess the load and 'think the lift through' before the lift commences. We present the candidates with challenging lifts in order to reinforce the importance of safe working practices. We address any mistakes or unsafe practices in the training environment to ensure that the successful candidates are not only confident but competent.

Course Time: Contact to arrange

Course Duration: 1 Day


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